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Mantas Truncé Full Stack Developer

What I like about my job the most ..
There’s a roof
It doesn’t leak
When the rain is pouring
Down my cheek (true story)
There’s a cat
The neighbors have it
I pet it sometimes
Petting is allowed
If you’re running from a crowd
And there’s people
Who came far and wide
From countries across the sky
Warm bodies
Fighting friction
Transforming energy
Into heat and synergy

What makes me laugh …
I don’t laugh
I’m not a child
Just a serious business guy
Actually IT
Computers feet
Cold and scary
Like a black hole, Mary
We don’t smile
We don’t cry
We are very serious
Hysterical laughter is oblivious
Something not common among
Those who do not laugh at the comical
Life is too serious anyway
That’s my takeaway
Thai, please

During my spare time …
Surfing the road
Peddling through water
Running up that hill
Exploring the unknown
Hoping to find a new unicorn
While engines roar
Deep inside my soul

I get my inspiration from …
Data, bits and bytes
My inspiration comes from files
Filled in no particular order
Flying in my minds corner
Or outside on the parking lot bench
Files and bits, and bytes
Entropy kites
Looking for interesting
Patterns of influence
Predictions for the future
Optimizing my own culture